Eight More

After the first sip, how many more do you need to finish your drink? Eight!

Eight More is a collection of “ready to drink” cocktails, made in Italy.

“Food & Beverage industry.”

Eight More is the second element that completes Lucio Giordano’s entrepreneurial vision, fulfilling all the needs of the Food & Beverage industry all around. In the last few years and, even more so during the pandemic, the consumption of pre-mixed drinks has grown exponentially, becoming very popular even for at home use, shining a light on new business opportunities on a global level. The selection of products is targeted for both the end consumer and the Ho-Re-Ca sector where fine drinking culture is becoming more popular than ever.

Eight More gives restaurateurs and hotels the opportunity to add a tasty cocktail list even without a bartender on site. All you need is an ice cube and the drink is ready to be served in a high end luxurious packaging.