In December 2020, he received his first Michelin star under chef Luigi Salomone.

The Michelin-starred restaurant in Nol is liked for the attention to service, the care in the choice of raw materials and the functionality in tasting the dishes.

In 2020 Giordano chose Nola (NA) to open his first gourmet restaurant. The designated location is a palace from the late 19th century, located in the center of the town. The architectural design of the restaurant was handled by Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva.


The inspiration comes from the Gae Aulenti of the 1970s, with the fusion of ancient and modern. The choice depended on the desire to convey culinary and design innovation without neglecting the historical memory that does not forget tradition and transforms it.

The project was also featured in Elle Decor magazine, which dedicated five pages to the restaurant.


At home is chef Luigi Salomone, a previous Michelin star in 2016. Salomone is the youngest chef from Campania to achieve this recognition. In 2020, just a few months after opening, Re Santi e Leoni was also awarded its first Michelin star.


Lucio Giordano’s dedication to his three sons

Re Santi e Leoni, with its open kitchen, offers cuisine with refined flavors with preparations that favor raw food.
The wine cellar offers more than 550 labels and there is a choice of three tasting menus: Re, Santi and Leoni.

Chef Luigi Salomone’s talent and patron
Lucio Giordano’s avant-garde approach
have ensured the Nolan restaurant’s success.