The taste of beauty

The style of Re Santi e Leoni Restaurant
for your private event.

In perfect coherence with the philosophy of the restaurant comes Villa Re Santi e Leoni, the new project signed Lucio Giordano Hospitality Group

The spectacle
of nature between
olive trees and Vesuvius

A large terrace overlooking the immensity

Villa Re Santi e Leoni presents itself as a stately and elegant structure in Palma Campania (NA), not far from Nola.
It stands on high ground among a dense forest of olive trees, a symbol of rebirth of those territories after volcanic eruptions. From its large terrace surrounded by lush nature, the view embraces the entire Vesuvian area as far as the Bay of Naples, providing a unique panorama.

Nature also reigns
at the table

A place like our idea of cuisine

In a context so deeply linked to nature, the gastronomic philosophy of our Executive Chef Luigi Salomone fits perfectly, based on green & healthy, on the philosophy of km 0, on the respect and exaltation of raw materials.

Menus are designed to best reflect the mood of an event, with taste and quality always at the center. Leavened goods are made directly on site with sourdough, while wild herbs, become a central component of the dish.

villa re santi leoni chef
ristorante re santi leoni

From the kitchen to the service, Villa Re Santi e Leoni fully reflects our philosophy, our understanding of hospitality and excellence. Two places connected by the same style and soul.